Saturday, 29 June 2013


Tim Walker

Tim Walker is my favorite photographer. His artistic and creative ability to make a fantasy or fairy tale come to life makes him stand out from other artists and photographers and, in my opinion makes him truly unique. I do not consider Tim Walker to be a photographer but an artist. It is his skill of creating something new that draws me to his work. The world of Tim Walker is truly fascinating and his photos allow us a sneak peak into his world of magic.

Tim Walker is a British Fashion Photographer and has worker for publications such as Vogue creating magical and romantic motif characters in his style. Over the years Tim Walker has gained prestige and appreciation for his magnificent work, and has been named 'The Story Teller' a title quite fitting to the genius artist. 

Walker photographs in many beautiful British houses, castles and landmarks. Walker collaborates with Angel the Costumiers to create the illusion of a magical character. This helps in order to invent the story's and concepts behind the photoshoot. Walker mainly works on a large scale and has created many large scale drawings and models such as the Mullberry campaigns. 

Tim Walker is also extremely famous for his portraits and photographing the iconic designers, actors, artists and musicians of our time. He has photographed the legendary Alexander McQueen, Vivienne westwood and Helena Bonham Carter.

I have chosen to look at Tim walkers photography and artwork because I find the collaboration of colours and shapes of the costumes and settings beautiful! There is something very appealing about every single one of Walker's photographs. Additionally, Walker focuses on many traditional British settings and events such as hunting, world war two and royalty. 

In my project I have looked at Tudor and Stuart fashion and the royal family. Tim walker approaches these subjects in new and unique ways. I hope in my final Garment I can create a new and interesting twist on the fashion so rich and beautiful of the time.

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