Thursday, 4 July 2013

Style icon - Jane Birkin

Style Icon
Jane Birkin

I have chosen to look at the style of Jane Birkin the British actress who lived in france. She successfully combined they fashion of the two countries to create her own unique and sexy style.

Here I have put together a small collection of images that create the key pieces of the style icon Jane Birkin. She is well known for her boyish laid back casual day look,  which she combined with ballerina pumps or fur coat to give  it a feminine touch. Her simple little black slip dress made her simple unforgettable at a party. The basket was another one if Birkin's iconic accessories. The Birkin bag was inspired by the British actress and the idea came to the designer, Jean-Louis Dumas when he met her on a plane from Paris to London. When the glamorous actress dropped her basket and and the contents spill everywhere. Birkin explained that she was in need of a stylish yet practical bag. Hence the Birkin handbag was created and named after the woman who inspired the most iconic accessory in fashion history.

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